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The In-Home Newborn Prep Guide


Thank you so much for booking a Newborn Lifestyle Session for you little one! I love capturing these precious moments of the newborn in what I call a Lifestyle Portrait Setting.

During my Newborn Lifestyle Sessions, your baby is photographed in and around your home. Some clients like to use the nursery for some of these photos but we can use any part of your home. I like to focus on areas that have beautiful natural light. These type of sessions allow me to capture your newborn/baby in his/her natural element as well as a few soft poses. This session does not include the use of props (baskets, buckets, etc) and heavy posing. Instead, you will play a major role as the baby will be photographed in your arms and lap as well as in their crib, on a bed/chair, and on a beautiful blanket within the home.

Newborn Sessions will also focus on the family’s interaction with the baby. This is the perfect time to have family portraits taken with your baby. Whole group photos as well as individual photos of baby with mom, dad, and/or siblings will be taken.

What to Wear: When it comes to wardrobe, pastels and soft colors photograph better during newborn sessions than dark colors. Ladies - dresses are a classic go to as well as pants & blouses. Men - button down shirts & slacks are always an easy & classic go-to look.  Click here for newborn lifestyle wardrobe inspiration!


Feeding & Changing: I encourage you to feed prior to the session as well as feed and change the baby as needed during the shoot. Newborn sessions take time and we will definitely work around the baby’s schedule. With that being said, do not get discourage if your baby cries, gets hungry or needs to be changed during the session.


Props: Props are not provided, but feel free to include wraps, blankets, and other keepsakes to be included with your baby during the session. If applicable, monogrammed and heirloom pieces are good items to have on hand for the session.

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