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Are you ready to up-level your business

and plan amazing content that will attract ideal clients to your business

If so, you are in the right place!


Are you tired of working with clients who do not value your work? Maybe you are struggling to book clients who find real value in what you have to offer. Or maybe you are a new or veteran business owner who has been struggling with not knowing how to consistently show up on social media with meaningful content that will attract clients to your business.


If you can relate to any of these struggles like I have in the past, then I want to share something with you! There IS a way for you to consistently grow your business all while working with clients who value your work and who will pay you your worth! After I figured out how to market to and attract the clients that I wanted to work with, my ideal clients started coming to my business naturally. 


If you are ready to attract ideal clients who value your business and what you have to offer, as well as learn how to plan and create meaningful content to attract ideal clients to your business, then I want to introduce you to…

The Brand Strategy

Group Coaching Program!

I have helped many entrepreneurs to grow their businesses through my Brand Strategy 1-on-1 Coaching Program, so now I am offering a Group Coaching Program!

The Brand Strategy Group Coaching Program will allow you to go through my Brand Strategy Coaching Program with other entrepreneurs like yourself! Think of this as your accountability, masterminding, and networking group!


I'm Coriss

It took me 2 years within my business to figure out how to really grow my business! 2 Years! That’s a long time…especially when I think about all the money I could have made and the time I could have saved had I known what I know now. After I figured out how to brand and market to my ideal clients, my business started to change, and my ideal clients started to reach out to me. A week after rebranding my business, I immediately booked one of my ideal wedding clients! 

Fast forward to today, 

I still do not have 10,000+ followers

But what I do have is…

A Thriving Photography & Branding Business and Clients Who Invest in My Services!

And friend, I want the same thing for you! 


Work with me as I help YOU figure out who YOUR ideal client and targeted audience are, and show you ways to authentically contact with them. My Brand Strategy Group Coaching program is designed to help you discover your targeted audience, so you can better market to them. I am going to teach you ways to be present on social media so you can further grow your brand and/or business, and work with your ideal clients like I do now.

  • 6 Live Brand Strategy Group Coaching Sessions over a course of 6 weeks via Zoom

  • Brand Strategy Workbook to help guide you through the program

  • Branding Questionnaire to Help You Figure Out Whom to Specifically Market your business to

  • Prewritten Captions + Social Media Topic Ideas

  • Social Media Content, Styling, and Design Session to provide you with tips for making your social media feed look cohesive and on-brand

  • Access to a Client Portal with Downloadable Guides, Resources, & Materials

  • Invitation to the Private VIP Facebook Group for continued Support & Networking

The Brand Strategy Group

Coaching Program Consists Of:

Here is a Sneak Peek of what you can expect each week along with the live Q&A’s & your personal business & brand topics.

week 1

Discovering your ideal client for your business

week 4

How to effectively plan your social media content

week 2

How to interact with your ideal clients for your business

week 5

Creating a social media platform that speaks to your clients

week 3

Creating attractive content that resonates with your clients

week 6

Live Q & A’s + preparing your business for success

Bonus: Besides these particular topics, you will also have the opportunity to ask your personal questions and discuss topics pertaining to your business and brand!

This is what Students are Saying About the Coaching Program!


I invested in this coaching program because I struggled with social media content creation and creating a distinct brand identity after rebranding my wedding/event design business. Upon completing this program, I am creating better content for social media that is consistent across all platforms as well as clearer brand identity that appeals to my ideal client. I’m no longer just “hoping” to get clients…I’m now speaking to a specific audience that will resonate with my business because I offer content that appeals to them and addresses their event needs and wants. I would encourage any business owner that has any of the issues I struggled with such as content creation for YOUR ideal clients or developing a clear brand identity to make the investment!! You will not regret it!

- Tami S.


"It was an absolute pleasure to work with Coriss. She is so professional and sweet. Coriss has amazing ideas and very easy to work with. Working with her has me even more excited about my brand than I was before. Coriss made me believe more in myself and my brand just from working with and talking to her. I highly recommend Coriss for all branding needs as well as photography!!"

- Jessica T.


I was desperately in need of branding and content structure. My struggles were providing consistent and engaging content. Through this coaching program, I have seen a huge improvement in my content and also in my captions. I now understand how to engage my followers. This program is definitely worth it because trying to find your niche can be difficult and establishing an ideal client is imperative to a successful business!

- Mackee S.

I guarantee that you will...

  1. Learn my proven strategies and techniques to figuring out your ideal clients & targeted audience

  2. Understand how to market and connect to your ideal clients & targeted audience

  3. Learn how to visually attract your ideal clients to your business

  4. Leave this program feeling confident in knowing how to quickly create meaningful & purposeful content for your business & brand

This is for you if...

You are tired of trying to figure out how to grow and up-level your business on your own

You are ready to market to and attract your ideal clients & targeted audience

You are ready to show up consistently on social media

You are ready to network & mastermind with other entrepreneurs & creatives 


How does this work?

As soon as you sign up for a spot in The Brand Strategy Group Coaching Program, you will receive a welcome email and access to the workbook!

The Virtual Brand Strategy Coaching Program will begin Thursday, April 22 at 6:00pm. We will meet for 6 weeks consecutively via Zoom.

What happens if you miss a week or show up late? Do not worry because this live coaching program will be recorded each week and replays will be available!

Client's Social Media Transformations

After completing the Social Media Content, Styling, and Design Session, these student's social media feeds look cohesive, on-brand, and attractive to their ideal clients!





The freedom to work with clients and customers who value your services

The Resources needed to create content that will attract the right people to your business

The ability to network and mastermind with likeminded entrepreneurs

The power to grow your business in the direction that you want it to grow

Are you READY to join The Brand Strategy Group Coaching Program?


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